2 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is probably the most dreading part of any makeup routine, but it’s definitely necessary if you want to have clear skin. There are two ways to clean makeup brushes — one is the deep clean and the other is the in-between clean when you don’t have enough time.

The Deep Clean

You should deep clean your brushes (as well as sponges) every few weeks in order to prevent the bacteria build-up that can cause breakouts. Regular cleaning will keep them in good condition and help them last longer. Use a gentle soap and don’t rub them too hard. After washing, lay them onto a clean towel and leave to dry.

The In-Between Clean

When you know your brushes could use a clean but you just don’t have time for it, doing something is better than nothing. Using a spray brush cleaner or a color switch cleaner won’t replace a full wash, but it will do the job until the next deep clean.

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