3 Amazing Bakers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Many people have rediscovered the magic of baking bread and if you’re thinking of pursuing this hobby long-term, here are a couple of Instagram pages that will provide you with all the inspiration you need.

Sourdough Mania

Anita Šumer is a passionate self-taught bread artist from Slovenia, and she’s baking some of the most adorable bread you’ll ever see. What makes her creations so magical is the fact that she often uses a razor blade to decorate them with cute illustrations.

Brooklyn Sourdough

Home baker Erin Slonaker attracted over 70,000 Instagram followers with her page Brooklyn Sourdough. She’s baking some of the most beautiful bread you’ll see all day, and you can try recreating her signature recipe as she shared it on her blog.

Blondie + Rye

In addition to baking classic sourdough bread, similar to the ones you can find on Instagram pages of other bakers, Blondie + Rye became a true sensation thanks to her colorful botanical bread designs.