3 Amazing Therapists You Should Be Following on Instagram

You’re probably spending countless hours mindlessly scrolling through Instagram while in self-isolation, so why not use this time to discover pages that actually belong on your feed? These three therapists are sharing great advice with their Instagram followers and they definitely deserve a moment of your time.

Nedra Glover Tawwab

Tawwab describes herself as boundaries expert and writer, who teaches people how to create healthy relationships. What we love about her posts is that they’re brutally honest, but encouraging at the same time, and that’s just the kind of thing we need right now.

Whitney Goodman               

Founder of Instagram page sitwithwhit is another “radically honest psychotherapist,” whose posts are just the thing you need in these difficult themes. Her page currently features a bunch of great advice in relation to the current global crises that will help you get through the day.

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I never watch the news. But all this shit turned me into a news FIEND. 24 hours into self distancing in my home and I was all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and every news outlet I could find. Every time I heard something new I would run into the other room to tell my husband. He watches zero news and this was irritating me. How could you not pay attention?? How could you just ignore it?? Truth is, I was jealous of his ability to turn it off. I felt nauseous every time I looked at the news and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep this up. So here’s what I’ve implemented now: I turn off my phone when I get in bed. I can’t trust myself to stay off otherwise. I am allowed three big news checkins a day. I take some time to review what’s been going on and see if there have been any changes or updates. Turned off all the extra notifications on my phone. I don’t need 30 alerts from different news outlets telling me the same thing. At night, my husband and I have a news briefing. I tell him all the wild things that I learned during the day. He stays informed, I feel heard. Win-win. Some of these suggestions might help you too! How has your news consumption been? What are you doing to feel safe, calm, and informed? PS. The SITWITHWHIT STORE is live!! You can shop all my courses and worksheets 20% off until Monday with code HEALTOGETHER. I will be donating HALF of all revenue to people struggling with chronic illness and disability during this time. Every Friday I will share how much we raised for them ❤️

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Elizabeth Earnshaw                   

Our relationships with other people can also suffer during the time of crises because we’re all under a great deal of stress and you can find some great advice when it comes to forming healthy bonds with others on Earnshaw’s Instagram page.