3 Changes You Should Make if Your Workouts Feel Like a Chore

Find fitness motivation again
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

If you’ve been doing the same fitness routine for quite some time, it’s not surprising if your gym sessions don’t excite you anymore. We all hit workout slum every once in a while because our workouts start feeling like a chore, but you can get back on track with these useful tips.

Perfect Timing

“Discipline over motivation” is a great way to approach fitness, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Instead of pressuring yourself into sticking to your workout schedule, try working out when you feel like it instead. Also, consider replacing traditional gym sessions with short workouts that you can do at home a few times a day.

Increase Enjoyment

Your workouts are most likely feeling like a chore because you’re not enjoying your routine to the fullest. Your workouts have to be beneficial for both your physical and mental health to be successful, so put some effort into focusing on doing exercises that you actually love.

New Routine

Sticking to the same routine for a prolonged period of time won’t do your body any good. You should make a change after a while, and try something completely new, especially if you’re dreading each visit to the gym because your workouts are too boring.