3 Creative Journals You Can Gift to Others—Or Yourself

Journaling is back in style, but you don’t have to be a fan of traditional daily diaries to give it a shot. There are many journals on the market that will let your imagination roam, and these three are truly worthy of your time.

Wreck This Journal

Keri Smith is the author of several alternative journals that you can use as an amazing creative outlet, and it all started with this one. Each page is a new adventure, and you can fill them any way you see fit.

Q&A a Day

This popular series of journals was started by Potter Style, and they can preserve your memories for up to five years. As the title suggests, this journal asks you to answer one question every day, ranging from deeply touching to truly hilarious.

One Line a Day

This five-year journal has a similar concept as a previous one, but you won’t be answering questions this time around. You’ll capture your memories with a single line, and get to revisit them in the years to come.