3 Fun Ways to Welcome Biophilic Designs Into Your Home

Welcome the Biophilic trend into your home
Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash

Biophilic design is one of the biggest home décor trends of 2022, and it’s all about giving your home a more natural vibe. If you’re looking for a way to increase your connection to nature through your home décor, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Plant Bonanza

Filling your home with plants is the first step towards welcoming biophilic design into your home. You can use them to decorate every corner of your home, from your living room and bedroom to home office and bathroom, and seamlessly integrate greenery into their design.

Staircase Garden

If putting plants in your rooms simply doesn’t cover it, decorating your staircase with plants is also an option. Staircase gardens are a huge hit with plant lovers, and you can welcome them both indoors and outdoors. If building a garden under your staircase seems like too much work, you can always place a few pots on your stairs.

Botanical Ceiling

The botanical ceiling is one of the biggest biophilic trends, and it’s perfect for people who want to go all-in with this craze. You’ve probably seen many restaurants and cafés embrace this trend, and it could look just as amazing in your home.