3 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid While Social Distancing

Going to your favorite hair salon is out of the question right now, and many people are trying to take care of their hair on their own while social distancing. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a couple of common hair care mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Bleaching Your Hair

If you’re thinking of dying your hair while in quarantine, stick to the basics. Don’t try complicated procedures that should’ve been left to the pros, such as bleaching, since it can seriously damage your hair if you’re not doing it right.

Extensive Washing

You can also retain the color of your dyed hair by avoiding over-washing. Your dye won’t fade away so fast if you minimize the number of washes to one or two per week if possible, and consider adding color-safe shampoo to the mix.

Experimental Haircuts

Cutting your own hair can be a recipe for disaster if you’ve never done it before. The only good reason to do it right now is getting rid of split ends, and you can do it with nourishing hair products instead. If you decided to go down this road anyway, don’t experiment too much and stick to hairstyles that always looked good on you because there’s no going back.