3 Hauntingly Amazing Home Decor Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere This Halloween

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you still haven’t given your home a spooky makeover—now’s the time. If you’re tired of the classic orange color palette and want to try something different this season, these three Halloween trends might be your cup of tea.

Monochrome Halloween

If you have nothing against the classic Halloween colors but want to keep things a little bit more subtle and low-key, this trend will be your cup of tea. The monochrome trend is all about sticking to the same color palette when it comes to your home décor, and neutral, beige tones are your best bet.

Barbiecore Halloween

Barbiecore is one of the biggest fashion and home décor crazes of 2022 and it’s taking over the year’s spookiest holiday. Pink Halloween décor is showing up everywhere these days, and it will make you see this holiday in a whole new light.

Black & White Halloween

Unlike the previous two trends, black and white Halloween décor allows you to stick to scary vibes, while still putting a twist on this holiday. The black color is often linked to all things spooky, so you won’t go wrong if you make it a staple of your Halloween décor this season.