3 High-Tech Fitness Trends That We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2022

Girl working out
Image via AllaSerebrina/depositphotos

From low-impact workouts to tennis-inspired activewear, 2022 is bringing many new fitness trends our way and some of them have one thing in common. The future is here, and high-tech fitness trends are taking the world by storm and here are three that you should embrace ASAP.

Virtual Workouts

Virtual workouts experienced a huge boom during COVID lockdowns and they’re not going anywhere. Many people came to discover that this way of working out suits them perfectly because it allows them to stay at home, but still have a virtual trainer to give them pointers during the workout.

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are also not a novelty in the fitness world and everyone from fitness influencers to famous celebrities has their own these days. They are, however, expected to experience a transformation in 2022 and embrace a more body-positive approach to working out.

Smart Home Gyms

If you’re thinking of building your own home gym, get ready to invest a small fortune into it if you want to keep up with the latest trends. Smart home gyms equipped with technology-powered gym machines, such as Peloton, are showing up everywhere right now.