3 Men’s Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

Photo by Dieter Blom on Unsplash

For many years, women’s fashion has dominated the headlines and stolen the spotlight. However, men are increasingly paying attention to their clothing and style, and men’s fashion is quickly catching up with women’s. If you’re looking to check out the latest trends of this season, with some tips on how to style them, then check out three of the most significant men’s fashion moments that will dominate this year.


For a modern update on pretty much any outfit, add some bling. Gold and silver chains always look great, or you could try adding a few simple rings or a bracelet to complete your look. If you’re new to this look, start small and subtle with a thin, medium-length chain, before branching out into more experimental jewelry styles.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are ideal for this transitional time between spring and summer. Layer them over a boxy t-shirt, a large shirt, or you can even try wearing them as a single layer for a real style statement. It’s worth investing in a few, as a Fair-isle knit design can jazz up any look, while a plainer design can be more versatile and cool.

Tank Tops

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to invest in a good tank top collection. Cool, casual, and perfect layered under a shirt, a tank top adds some versatility to your wardrobe as well as the cool factor. To stand out from the crowd, source a tank in a statement color such as red, green, or yellow, or stick to the naturals of black and white if you want a tank that goes with everything.