3 Perfect Travel Gifts For People Who Don’t Enjoy Souvenirs

Photo by Gints Gailis on Unsplash

From key chains and fridge magnets to postcards and snow globes, the list of souvenirs you can buy is pretty much endless – and yet some people in your life won’t want any of them. If you have loved ones who aren’t too crazy about traditional travel souvenirs, here are three things you can buy instead.

Tasty Gifts

Buying food as a present is always a good idea because it has the power to transport your loved ones to places they’ve never been. Do your research and find out if there are any local specialties you can bring home, or consider buying chocolate, cookies, snacks, or coffee from brands that only exist in your destination country.

Get Personal

Even people who aren’t too crazy about souvenirs will enjoy presents that carry a personal touch. Show them appreciation by buying them something that reminds you of them, or consider making your own gifts with the trinkets you’ve collected during your journey.

Practical Choice

Not all travel souvenirs are purely decorative, and you can always look for ones that serve a clear purpose. Tea towels, mugs, lighters, pens, and reusable grocery bags can be a great gift for people who enjoy practical presents.