3 Reasons Why Hostels are Perfect for Solo Travelers

Hostel room in Moscow, Russia
Photo by Anton Belitskiy on Unsplash

Traveling on your own is an empowering experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime, but people often fail to mention it can be lonely and expensive. You can combat some of its downsides by staying at a hostel, and here are three reasons why they’re a great pick for solo travelers.

Saving Money

Staying at hotels and Airbnbs during your solo travels usually means you’ll have to spend twice the money. That’s not the case with hostels because they offer super-cheap shared dorms, and even their private rooms tend to be less expensive than any other type of accommodation.

Meeting People

If you enjoy meeting new people during your travels, hostels will win you over with their social atmosphere. In addition to offering common spaces where you can mingle with travelers from all around the world, many hostels organize a wide range of fun activities, such as pub crawls, walking tours, and game nights.

Feeling Safe

Safety is key when you’re traveling solo, and staying somewhere on your own can feel scary. You’ll have a sense of security when staying at hostels because there are always people around, and many of them even offer a 24-hour reception desk. Even if you’re staying at a dorm, you shouldn’t worry about your belongings because hostels always offer security lockers.