3 Tips for Saving Money on Accommodation When Traveling Solo

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Traveling on your own is one of the most empowering things that you’ll ever experience, but it doesn’t always come cheap. You’ll sometimes have to pay for a room or Airbnb for two even though you’re on your own, but there are many cheap accommodation options that you can explore.


Hostels are solo travelers’ best friends, and they need no special introduction. If you’re willing to share a dorm room with other travelers, you won’t struggle to find a cheap place to stay during your solo travels. They get bonus points for being a great place to meet new people.


Couchsurfing is even cheaper than hostels because it allows you to find a local host willing to welcome you into their home, free of charge. It’s one of the most popular hospitality exchange websites on the market, but keep in mind it’s not always easy to find a host who’s the right fit, especially if you’re new to using it.

House Swap/Pet Sitting

House swaps are another great way to score “free” accommodation in exchange for your service. Some hosts are willing to swap their homes because they’re looking for someone to take care of their pets while they’re on a holiday, and this is a perfect option for animal lovers.