3 Underrated Netflix Shows You Should Watch Right Now

Most people are spending their free time binge-watching Netflix all day long, but chances are you’ve already crossed The Crown and Stranger Things off your watch list. This streaming service has so much in store, and here’s a couple of amazing shows you probably didn’t take into consideration.


GLOW has never been a huge ratings hit for Netflix, but it’s still one of its most empowering shows. It follows a group of women trying to make a living by performing for a professional wrestling organization back in the ‘80s.

The OA

The OA is the most mind-bending sci-fi drama that Netflix has ever given us, and that has been both its blessing, and its curse. It follows the journey of a blind woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and returned home with her sight restored seven years later.

One Day at a Time

Are you looking for a classic sitcom with a great cast, that’s progressive and complex at the same time? This story of a single mother raising her Cuban-American family in Los Angeles is just the thing for you.