3 Ways To Bring The Whimsical Décor Trend Into Your Living Space

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

It can be really useful to pay attention to interior decor trends if you’re looking to switch up your home design. Investigating the latest trends can provide great inspiration, and reveal designs that you might not otherwise have considered. This year, the whimsical trend is big news when it comes to decor. Think cute little ornaments, pretty lights to brighten up a room, and interesting features that will bring interest to your space. Check out these three suggestions for adding a little bit of whimsy into your living space.

Miniature Scenes

Bringing in some sculptural pieces to place around your home is a great way to tap into the whimsical trend. Look out for sweet countryside scenes to really emphasise the whimsy, and don’t be afraid to make a sculpture the centre-piece of a table for maximum impact.

Animal Pieces

Ornaments and artworks featuring animals have been big news in interior decor for a while now, and they don’t always have to be whimsical. However, there’s something inherently playful and charming about some animal-inspired interior pieces, and including some around your home will bring a sense of joy.

Glass and Enamel

While glass and enamel pieces can be incredibly sophisticated, many of them also tap into the whimsical trend. Seek out pretty pastel-toned pieces to dot around your home to bring a dash of whimsy to every room.