3 Ways You Can Bring a Little Bit of Nature Into Your Home

Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

The positive impact of nature on our physical and mental wellbeing has been well-documented. We all know that getting outside for a walk or spending an afternoon outside in the park, can leave us feeling refreshed and content. However, on those days when you simply don’t have time to get outside, you can always bring a little bit of nature to you. Check out these simple ways to green your home, to produce a positive impact on your happiness and wellbeing.

House Plants

Perhaps the most obvious way to bring nature inside is to lean into the houseplants trend. Go for something that’s easy to care for, such as an Aloe Vera or spider plant, if you’re new to horticulture. If you fancy something more unusual, orchids bloom for several months of the year, bringing natural greenery and flowers into your living space.

Natural Art

One way you can create a sense of natural balance and harmony in your home is by bringing in art which represents and reflects nature. A stunning seascape or a still life can help to remind you of your favorite natural things, and hanging art on the walls can also help to make your rooms feel larger and more expansive than if you leave the walls bare.

Natural Scents

Instead of using artificial home fragrances, why not depend on nature to scent your living space? A large bowl of oranges or any selection of citrus fruits will release a gorgeous aroma, and you can even spend time collecting fresh pine needles and pine cones to bring some forest freshness into your living space. Arrange these in a small glass jar, to create a pretty display that also smells great.