5 Best Ways To Stop Hoarding Books You Won’t Read

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There’s nothing quite as strong as a draw of a new book, but buying one doesn’t always mean you’ll read it right away. If you find yourself constantly hoarding books and taking forever to read them, here are five tips that will help you overcome this bad habit.

Set Some Boundaries

Once your book-buying habits become too bad, set some boundaries for yourself. Try to limit the number of books you’re going to buy and have a budget in mind.

Join a Library

If you already don’t have a library card, it’s time to get one. You’ll still get to read on a regular basis while saving a fortune because you won’t have to keep the books you don’t like.

Better Choice

Don’t buy books just because they seem vaguely interesting, and only spend money on the ones you want to dive into right away instead of saving them for later.

Reading Goal

If you see that books on your shelves are constantly piling up and never making it to your reading list, set a goal for yourself to read some of them before buying new ones.

Avoid Temptations

You won’t buy too many books if you avoid places where they’re sold, so try not to go to bookstores unless you have a book in mind that you want to buy.