5 French Brands of Natural Cosmetics That We Want in Our Bathroom Cabinets

French cosmetics is famous for being high-quality and including natural ingredients that help your inner beauty glow. Everyone who’s enthusiastic about skincare and hair care probably wants some of these products in their own beauty routine.

Here are our favorite beauty brands that come from France.

Officine Universelle Buly

Buly 1803 is one of the oldest and most famous French beauty brands. You may have recently heard about it because of the line of perfumes they made for the Louvre inspired by famous artworks.


Typology is a vegan company focused on using the best ingredients they can find that are so natural you can eat them. Its prices are pretty low compared to the quality it offers, which makes it one of the most popular brands in France and beyond.


Bastide is an amazing brand that uses traditional recipes and modern design to create products for every woman who wants to take care of herself. Everything they offer is based on plant-based ingredients, essential oils, spring water and honey that originate from Provence.