5 Key Products for a 5-Minute Makeup Look

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Spring is all about adjusting your routines and making room for new habits. One of them is probably a more minimal makeup that isn’t too heavy on your skin and consists of brighter colors. It’s easy to get lost and lose the track of time while getting ready in the morning, but if you need an efficient 5-minute makeup routine for spring, we have it here. You’ll only need 5 key products.

Hydrating Cream

Even though it comes before makeup, a good hydrating cream is an essential that will make your skin glow throughout the day.


You don’t need to use a foundation if there’s no need — just hide the most obvious imperfections with concealer.


Use your favorite brow product to nicely frame your eyes in a minute or two.


You really don’t need false lashes for a natural, daily look, but mascara is a must.

Lip & Cheek Stick

Add some color with a pink or coral stick that can be used both on your lips and your cheeks and you’re ready to go.