5 Reasons to Start Running This Spring

Photo by Stage 7 Photography on Unsplash

Many people dream about taking up a sport and leading a healthier lifestyle. The problem is, we all have our excuses not to do it today – there’s no time or money, we don’t want to do it alone and the list continues.

That’s why we’ve prepared five good reasons why you should take up running – today!

Stress Relief

Running is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. You’ve probably heard of condition called “Runner’s High” and believe us – this is not a myth. Even a quick run can leave you calm and optimistic.

Mental Health

When you’re running, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins. These neurotransmitters have similar effects as morphine – they make us feel happy and focused and reduce our perception of pain. Their effects can last for days and can improve your overall mental health.

Physical Health

Running is great for every aspect of your health – it reduces risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, improves immune system and is good for your bones and heart. Not to mention that one of the most obvious benefits is losing weight.

Make new friends

As running is becoming more and more popular, chances for meeting new people who have similar hobbies as you, are increasing too. They can motivate you to achieve your goal and, who knows, you might make some life long friends as well.

It’s Free and Anyone Can Join

Money is no longer an excuse for not exercising regularly. Activities like running are amazing for your health and at the same time it’s free. The only thing you need are good sneakers and a bit of motivation to go out and start running.