5 Reasons Cranberries Are So Amazing

Photo by Maria Mekht on Unsplash

If cranberries are not your favorite fruit, they will become after you read this article. These small red berries are packed with so many amazing nutrients. If you weren’t aware that cranberries are great for the overall health, it’s time to learn a thing or two.

Stronger Immune System

The red berries will help your immune system fight off any inflammation coming your way. They are so rich in Vitamin C and provide that daily dose you need.

Protect the Heart

Thanks to the numerous antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes in cranberries, they prevent atherosclerosis and heart problems. These berries also have the ability to lower bad cholesterol. You can have them fresh, in a smoothe, juice and a number of other ways.

Improve Digestion

If you’ve been experiencing digestive issues, you might want to balance your diet with extra berries. These small red fruits are packed in fiber, making digestion much better right away.

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Clear Skin

Thanks to the high antioxidant content, the red berries will give a fresh boost to your skin. Get ready to have the best complexion ever.

Urinary Tract Infections

The antioxidant called proanthocyanidins prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of the urethra, lowering the level of urinary infections.