5 Square Nail Ideas to Copy This Spring

Why stick to one nail shape when there are plenty of other options to choose from? Have you tried square nails lately? You should because not only are these nails very cool, they’re also big enough so you can experiment with different designs and intricate nail art. Check out the best square nails we found on Instagram.

Floral Square Nails

Spring is just around the corner and there isn’t a better way to celebrate it than with these adorable floral nails that are so trendy right now.

Tortoise Square Nails

Remember the tortoise nails hype? Square nails are perfect for this kind of nail art so make sure to use them wisely.

Picasso-Inspired Nails

These unique nails inspired by Picasso’s work are reserved for art lovers only; it’s creative, subtle, and very unique.

Galaxy Square Nails

Have you seen anything cuter than this lately? For the dreamer inside you, these gorgeous galaxy nails in adorable navy blue is an excellent choice.

Cow Square Nails

Bored of animal prints yet? If not try this cool and elegant cow print that goes perfectly with square-shaped nails.