5 Things Worth Considering Before Investing in Celebrity Beauty Brands

Image via freestocks on Unsplash

Celebrity brands are taking the beauty world by storm, and all our faves seem to have one these days. When presented with a sea of different options, it’s often tough to tell if celebrity beauty brands are worth it, and here are a few things worth considering before buying their products.

Celebrity’s Involvement

Some celebrities launch beauty brands because they’re truly passionate about them, while others are just trying to make quick cash. Decide for yourself how authentic these brands are and if the celebrities in question were truly involved in the creative process.

Start Small

Don’t go overboard when shopping from celebrity beauty brands, and test them out first by buying a product or two with a lower price tag.

Price Point

Speaking of prices, beauty brands launched by celebrities tend to be more expensive than similar products of the same quality, so you should only buy them if they fit your budget.

Reviews & Ratings

Instead of believing the hype, take some time to do your own research, and check out reviews from reputable makeup experts once a new celebrity brand launches.


At least a dozen celebrity brands are launched every year, but only a few stand the test of time. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon right away, wait to see if the brand in question is here to stay.