5 Tips & Tricks to Help You Hit 10,000 Steps Every Day

Photo by Matt Flores on Unsplash

Reaching 10,000 a day is one of those benchmark health goals most people are striving towards, but it’s not always easy to hit this mark. If walking that much every single day seems like a mission impossible, we’re here with a brief guide that will help you reach the finish line.


You can get your steps in while doing a wide range of different activities, from listening to music and audiobooks to doing household chores, such as cleaning and gardening.

Driving Habits

Rethinking your driving habits can help you increase your step count because you’ll be walking much more if you’re driving less, especially to nearby places you can easily reach without a car.

Other Activities

Walking isn’t the only activity that can help you reach 10,000 steps, so consider adding running, hiking, dancing, and sports that include a lot of movement to your workout routine.

Walking Breaks

If you’re doing a job that involves a lot of sitting, consider taking short walking wake every hour or two because they can help your unwind while getting the steps in.

Don’t Walk Alone

You’ll do a lot of walking on your own throughout the day, but if it’s not enough to hit the 10,000 mark, you can always ask friends to join you for a walk and catch up along the way.