A Reminder Of The Spring Trends We’ll Be Embracing In The Coming Weeks

Just a quick reminder of the top trends we’re obsessed with this season.


Sequins tend to be on trend by Christmas time but this year, they’re going to be on the radar much sooner. The trends of girl power and self-love also mean you never have to fear being overdressed when you rock up the cafe in a sequined gown.

Pleated Skirts

Tight pleats were all over Fashion Week but it’s pleated skirts that we are obsessed with. They are elegant but also really freakin’ comfortable and perfect for when the weather starts to warm up.

Oversized Hats

There’s no better way to feel like the star on your own movie than by wearing an oversized hat. Don’t ask us why. Just accept it.


Surprisingly, neon is still on our list. We’re slowly moving away from the lime greens to the hot pinks.


The fringing trend has moved up from the boots to well, just about everything. Fringed jackets are our faves.