Add Some Glamor to Your Hairstyle This Winter With These Clip Ideas

Clips are back in fashion and now they are trending for adults. This new accessory can spice up any hairstyle and add some shine to your hair.

You can tell everyone how you are feeling with these word clips, just slide the clip into any hairstyle and add some glitz to your boring office day.

The pearl clips are great for adding some sparkle to your usual hairstyle. When you don’t feel like spending hours doing your hair just put these in and you can be sure people will take notice.

Your hair needs a wash and you don’t know what to do with it? Why not distract from the dirt by tying it into a low bun and adding a pretty clip. This is an easy way to delay the dreaded hair wash.

For this simple look just pin 2 pieces of hair back from your face and tie in the back with a colorful clip. It keeps the hair away from your face and can add a little something to your casual look.

You are never too old to wear a bow in your hair. To add something to your everyday top knot try this stunning bow clip — tie your hair up in a bun and slide the clip at the front.