All You Need for an Interesting Hairstyle This Fall Is a Scrunchie

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Until a few seasons ago, nobody even thought about wearing an actual scrunchie, a staple hair accessory from the ‘90s. Even though many of us have a few laying around from the time we were little, we never thought we’d get to wear them again as adults. And yet, here we are – the year is 2019 and scrunchies are everywhere!

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Scrunchies shyly appeared last fall and ended up being the most popular fall accessory for the cold days. They look the most elegant when they are made of velvet or silk, but there are other materials available that dictate if the scrunchie is more appropriate for day or night, everyday or special occasions.

This season, you can get scrunchies basically everywhere and they come in a ton of different colors and patterns. The great thing about them is that they can upgrade even the simplest hairstyles, so you’re free from trying too hard this fall. Even an ordinary ponytail will look like you’ve put an extra effort in the morning if you just tie it with a scrunchie.