Amazing Hair Color Ideas For a Drastic Change

Summer is the best time to experiment with our look and it might be a perfect moment for some major makeovers. Our hair is usually the first thing we deal with when we want to change our look, so check out these amazing hair color ideas if you’re ready for some major change.

Platinum Blond

With Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and other platinum blond celebrities, this color is more than trendy right now. Be sure to find a professional hair colorist, as it’s not an easy look to achieve.

Caramel Ombré

Ladies who are not ready for a big change can certainly find some inspiration in beautiful caramel ombré hairstyles. It’s so charming and probably the dreamiest hair color you can choose for summer.

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Powder Blue

If you’re already platinum blond thinking you can’t experiment with your hair color any further – you were so wrong. Try upgrading your hairstyle by adding subtle blue hues for a bit of a dramatic effect.

Natural Red

Red hair color is making a huge comeback, but since the natural look is highly popular right now, you might want to stay away from vibrant red tones. This natural red hair color can refresh your look, yet it’s still warm and subtle.