An Instagram Video Shows Easy Ways to Have Unique Walls

If you’re thinking of creating a unique wall in your home, this Instagram video can help you. It shows four different techniques that use odd tools but are incredibly simple to do while giving you the amazing effect.

Bubble Wrap

Wrap a painting roller in bubble wrap and glue it so it doesn’t move. Dip in paint and paint your walls in polka dots!


Use a syringe to create chic striped walls that also have texture. You can use one or more colors and pick your own layout.

Masking Tape

Create patterns on your wall using masking tape, then paint what’s left of the wall. You’ll end up with a funky, unique pattern once you remove the tape.

Rubber Bands

Using a wooden block and some rubber bands, create a stamp and use it to create a pattern on your wall. Try different shapes on paper until you find a favorite.