And the 2020 Food Trends Are…

2020 is right around the corner and with a new year come new trends. This past year, the food and beverage industry has been shifting towards health and wellness, clean-eating, and plant-based products. Will healthier eating continue to be popular in 2020? These are the trends you should expect to see this year.


You may find it hard to believe that 1.3 billion tons of completely edible food is thrown away each year and by 2025 the amount of food wasted is expected to reach 2.2 billion. Governments and organizations have finally decided to take action on this issue.

Why does so much food go to waste? A good amount of the food thrown is fruits and vegetables. When they don’t look “perfect” they are trashed by supermarkets.

Fermented Beverages & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The demand for alcoholic drinks isn’t expected to completely disappear, but there’s going to be a rise in lower alcohol content and alcohol still water (spiked water beverages without fizz). Kombucha will continue being a popular choice.

Concept Kitchens

Who doesn’t enjoy watching their food get prepared in front of them? It’s dinner and entertainment in one! Besides being exciting to watch, the food is fresher and it’s more sanitary. Chipotle and Subway have been using this concept for a while, but fancier restaurants are going to be exploring this option.

Healthy Snacks

When you’re leading a busy lifestyle making time for meals is challenging, if not impossible and snacking becomes inevitable. Puffed and popped snacks, as well as protein and plant-based snacks, will be replacing cookies, popcorns, and chips.