Are Straw Bags The Low-Key Trend of the Summer?

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

It’s difficult to pinpoint the “bag of the summer”. We’ve seen bucket bags, crochet bags, and neon tote bags all over the high-street, but none are screaming “summer essential.”

In the midst of a neutral summer of beige and nudes, we’re leaning towards a bag that brightens up an outfit. We want something practical that can be taken to the beach, but also worn with pride to Starbucks. So far, the straw basket bag is ticking all the boxes.


This straw bag from Topshop is brightly colored, adding a splash of pizzazz to any outfit. It’s also spacious, a decent size and is completely affordable.


According to Glamour, Net-A-Porter sales for basket bags have doubled since last year. Gorgeous, vibrant bags like these are a good explanation of why.


If you prefer a bag that goes with anything, H&M have a choice of neutral basket bags. They’re cute, neutral and very Dorothy.


Some people prefer a bag that can be worn hands-free. This sling bag from Zara won’t fit your lunch, but it will fit your essentials and is bag on trend.

Urban Outfitters

Lastly, this straw bag from Urban Outfitters is perfect for beaching it up. It’s bright, light and durable.