Besamé’s “Sleeping Beauty” Makeup Line is a Thing of Fairy Tales

This year gave us more Disney makeup collections than we can count, and just when we thought we’ve seen it all, Besamé hit us with another one. Calling this one our absolute favorite is no exaggeration, and we’re sure you’ll agree after checking it out.

The luxury makeup brand joined forces with Disney to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty and drew inspiration from the story of the beloved Princess Aurora while creating their latest range.

“Through extensive research with the Disney Archives and Disney Ink and Paint Department, we have faithfully matched the colors and artwork to bring you a beautiful and authentic recreation from the classic 1959 film,” reads Besamé’s official statement.

The most impressive product in this collection is the book-shaped eyeshadow palette, reminiscent of the animated classic’s opening credits. It features a total of twenty different matte shades, and a detailed guide to copy Aurora and Maleficent’s signature looks.

The list of items featured in Sleeping Beauty collections also includes royal vanity mirror, translucent powder, blush palette, locket cream rouge, lipsticks inspired by Aurora and Maleficent, and special color-changing lipstick.