Best Fitness Wearables  

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Fitbit has been the leader in the fitness wearables for quite some time, but we’ve found some differentiating and impactful fitness trackers that will help you meet your health goals!

Moov Now

Moov Now is a wearable fitness coach that helps you correct form, reduce energy, and beat your bests. It’s great for athletes in most personal sports – it measures your impact when you run, gives you a cardio boxing rhythm, tracks your strokes and provides you with a lap breakdown after your swim, and much more.

Motiv Ring

Not a fan of the obvious bracelet/watch wearables? Look into buying a Motiv Ring. This stealthy tracker looks after your heart rate (both active and resting), active minutes, calories, distance, sleep, steps, and lasts up to three days on one charge. It’s discreet and provides you with all your info on its phone app.

Misfit Ray

Misfit is known for their customizable and fun looking fitness bracelets. Asides from tracking the basics, Misfit Ray also has a smart button that allows you to control household devices, and you can wait four months before replacing the non-charging battery. It is affordable, and if you order directly from the Mistfit website, you can get 10% off your first purchase!