Best Ride Sharing Services in New York City

Image by Juan Luis/Flickr

Yeah, the subway is cheap. But the delays, crowds, and construction can really make your commute frustrating. Here are some of your options when it comes to ride sharing.

Uber Pool

Ride in style to your destination while paying half the price you would pay for a private ride. If you’re going on a short trip, odds are you’ll be riding solo.

Lyft Pool

Same quality and service as Uber Pool but usually a bit cheaper. Lyft tends to give out lots of 10% off and 50% off all rides, so you pay a fraction of the cost.


Meet at a corner convenient for both you and your driver to minimize waiting and turnaround times. Via’s prices range depending on the time of day, but they’re usually pretty good.


Chariot is a shuttle van that allows you to choose your pickup and drop-off location. You will be riding with other people, so it’s more like a minibus, but you’ll still have some cash in your pocket. It’s also wheelchair accessible.