Best Tiny Ear Tattoos You Might Want to Copy

With tattoos being so popular lately, it has become so hard to find the perfect spot for inking your design. If you want to be creative and original we suggest placing your tattoo on a spot that’s often overlooked – your ears. Here are some beautiful tattoo designs that are perfect for adorning your ears.

Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are so trendy right now and this subtle work of art is perfect for those who like this style. A tattoo created from tiny dots will adorn your ear in the most elegant way.

Lavender Tattoo

Lavender is so beautiful and it looks equally stunning as an ear tattoo. You can upgrade this amazing design by adding some colors like blue or purple.

Unique Tattoo

The outer curve of your ear is also a great spot for inking if you have the courage to try it. It’s also a perfect spot for a tattoo you don’t want to share with everybody.

Music Note Tattoo

Is there a better spot to place a discreet music note than this? If you love music and everything that has to do with it, this tattoo is made for you.