Final Verdict: What is the Absolute Best Way to Eat Popcorn?

Photo by Mc Jefferson Agloro on Unsplash

Fall is almost here and so are long nights of binging Netflix with a huge bowl of popcorn in your lap. There are countless different ways to feast on this tasty snack, but the only question is – what is the best and the healthiest one?

Theater Popcorn

None of us can resist the smell of popcorn at our local theater, but they’re actually the worst option on the market. In addition to being too salty and topped with a lot of butter, serving size is usually much larger than recommended – but we all like to indulge every once in a while.

Microwaved Popcorn

Just like theater popcorn, the microwaved version often contains too much salt and artificial flavorings, so it should be your last resort when you’re craving popcorn.

Air-popped Popcorn

Air-popping your popcorn is the healthiest option on the market. You’re in charge of picking portion sizes, choosing the best cooking oil – or no oil at all. It’s easier to avoid artificial flavorings and unhealthy toppings this way because you’re fully in charge of popcorn-making process.