Best Ways to Declutter Your Book Collection This Fall

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

There’s no time like fall for cozying up with a good novel, but what about all those old books laying around your house that you’re never going to pick up again? They deserve a new home, and if you’re thinking about giving them one, here’s a couple of steps you should take along the way.

Pay It Forward

Before getting rid of your books, check if there’s someone who actually wants them in their life. Get in touch with your friends and family and see if they have room on one of their bookshelves for that old novel you no longer need.

Time for Donations

If none of your acquaintances shows interest in your books, there’s probably someone else out there who probably will. Consider donating your books to a local library, charity or a thrift store, and they’ll probably find a new home in no time.

Final Step

If you have old magazines and reference books that are pretty much useless in this day and age, you’ll notice they’ll just take up space. If it turns out it’s impossible to donate them, don’t feel guilty about recycling them, since that’s the logical last step.