Best Ways to Make Cheap and Healthy Meals for One

Meal prep
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Cooking for one can be quite an ordeal because it’s difficult to find recipes created with a single person in mind. That shouldn’t stop you from trying to make affordable and healthy food, even if you live on your own, and these useful tips will help you make it happen.

Adjust the Recipe

Most recipes you stumble upon will serve two or four people, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adjust them. If you don’t want to deal with leftovers, divide the ingredients so the recipe perfectly fits one person and you’ll easily avoid food waste.

Dealing with Leftovers

If you don’t mind eating leftovers, feel free to make a dish for two or more when you’re cooking. This can save you a lot of time and energy, but it’s important to properly store and reheat your leftovers and search for recipes that put them to some good use if they don’t taste so great when reheated.

Stock Up On Healthy Foods

Takeout is the biggest enemy of a cheap and healthy diet, and you should avoid it at all costs. Stocking up on healthy foods will help you avoid this issue because it’s much easier to steer clear of takeout when your fridge and pantry are filled with everything you need to make a delicious and healthy dish.