Best Ways to Put Letterboards to Good Use

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

Letterboards became an extremely popular home décor essential that’s both cute and practical at the same time. Using letters that come with a board to create different types of messages is a great way to bring small change into your home every day, and here’s a couple of great ideas.

Leaving Reminders

Say goodbye to sticky notes on your fridge, since there’s a more creative way to leave tiny messages to your roommates or family. Use letter boards to write down important reminders for everyone in your household – including yourself.

Finding Inspiration

Why waste money for posters with motivational quotes that you’ll get bored of when you can start your day with a different quote every day? Find a line that perfectly fits your current mood, and simply put it on your letter board.

Making Everyone Smile

Letterboards are also a great way to make yourself and your guests laugh. Instead of going with inspirational quotes, pick funny ones instead and everyone who enters your home will immediately have a smile on their face.