Best Ways To Use That Space Under the Stairs

Do you have that hidden space underneath your stairs that’s sitting empty and you don’t know what to do with it? This empty area can be turned into a charming little corner that’ll totally transform your home.

Here are the best and pretty cheap ways to use this space.

Mini Garden

Plant lovers always have a big problem to find enough space in the house for all the beautiful plants they’d like to have. You can turn this place into a peaceful indoor oasis with only a few low-light houseplants.

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Storage Space

Using this empty area underneath the stairs as storage space is probably the most logical choice. We can never have too much room in our home, so maximize this space by installing a few shelves, a cabinet or drawers.

Store Wine

Storing your wine collection underneath the stairs is a brilliant idea that’ll certainly leave your guests impressed. You’ll use this space in the best way possible and bring elegance to your home.


Book lovers will have only one idea to use this magical place under the stairs – a mini library. Books can always bring that special charm into any room, so use this creative and cheap option to redecorate your home.