Best Yoga Accessories on Amazon

Photo by Form on Unsplash

All yogis know that purchasing yoga equipment from specialty yoga stores and boutiques can be pricey without a solid reason. Amazon offers true valued substitutes that offer the same benefits without making your wallet bend over backwards. Scroll through for some fantastic suggestions!

Yoga Mate Towel

This sweat-absorbent, non-slip towel is used on top of your yoga mat to help you avoid slipping during a hot yoga session. A full-sized towel goes for $15-$18, compared to YogiToes $65.

Reehut Yoga Block

For $7, you can get your own high-density foam block so you don’t have to use the studio’s bacteria-covered ones.

Rahabsox Yoga Socks

This pair of soft, 95% cotton socks has anti-slip grips on the heel and toes, allowing you to hold your poses better. These are also useful during pilates, barre, and Bikram classes. Get your pair for $6.99.

Mind Over Lather Natural Cleansing Spray

Wipe down your sweaty mat and make it better than new with this all natural antiviral spray made from Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil. This $10 bottle fits in any bag, and will make your mat smell great without any wear and tear caused by alcoholic cleansers.