Brighten Up Your Space With No-Sun Necessary Plants

If you live in a rainy or cloudy place, it might seem like you can’t have the pleasure of being a plant parent. But, there are many different plants that you can have that don’t require any or very little sunlight.

Chinese Evergreen

This type of plant is perfect for people who have never cared for plants before because they are really easy to maintain. The best part is that the darker the leaves of the plant, the less sun they need! Even lighter ones or ones of different colors like pink or orange shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight or the leaves will become damaged. It is also an air-filtering plant which means it will provide you with cleaner air!

Peace Lily

What makes this plant so desirable as an indoor plant is that although they do need low to medium light, they also live off of fluorescent lighting! Which means that your overhead light will do them great.

Snake Plant

This plant is perfect for people who forget to water their plants because they can rot easily, which means that you really have to let the soil dry out completely before watering it again. They also need indirect light, perfect for any corner of your house.