Celebrity Home Collections are Taking Etsy By Storm

Etsy is one of the main resources that many people use for home décor information, and it turns out that the rich and famous are no different. Celebrity home collections are thriving on this e-commerce website, and we got two new ones this month alone!

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry launched her first Etsy collection earlier this month, in collaboration with nine sellers from this website. She enjoys feeling peaceful and zen in her home, and her main goal was to create a home décor line that cultivates that same kind of tranquility.

The chic and peaceful vibe of her Etsy collection didn’t stop her from adding playful patterns to the mix. The pillows, frames, and lidded jars come with fun, boho prints that allow you to refresh your living space without making it too flashy.

JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher took a completely different approach with her recent Etsy line. She tried to make it more playful and carefree, saying that she enjoys the sense of joy a well-curated space can evoke.

Fletcher is a huge believer in filling your space with pieces that genuinely make you happy. Judging by her Etsy collection, that includes ceramic pieces with fun motifs, adorable throw pillows, and cheerful welcome mats.