Charlize Theron’s Hairstylist Shares Details About Her Amazing Hair Journey

Brunette bobs were one of the hottest hair trends at this year’s Oscars. Even Charlize Theron, who’s known for her signature blond locks, opted for this look. Her massive transformation took everyone by surprise, and celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel was the one responsible for her amazing look.

Theron is no stranger to making bold choices, so she didn’t mind saying goodbye to her blonde tresses one bit. She put her trust in Abergel and colorist Tracey Cunningham, and they managed to come up with something truly great.

“When I saw the beautiful light Japanese indigo fabric on her Dior dress, I immediately knew I wanted to create a dramatic contrast with her hair. My vision for the entire look was healthy, glowing hair styled into an amazing bob,” explained Abergel.

Theron wasn’t the only star who debuted dramatic hair transformation at the Oscars. So did Emilia Clarke, whose adorable bob was one of the most talked-about beauty moments of the night. Adir Abergel is hoping Theron’s hairstyle will inspire others to play with their hair and try new things since it’s the greatest beauty accessory that deserves more attention.