Charlotte Tilbury is Dropping a Limited Edition Palette This Week

Makeup giant Charlotte Tilbury has announced the launch of her limited edition “Starry Eyes” palette and it’s dropping tomorrow.

The “Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette” is a revamp of 2017’s sell-out “Instant Eye Palette.” The updated version contains twelve eye shadow shades, all made from diamond powder.

The palette is made of fall colors which ease into metallics and end with a royal navy blue. The colors are divided into four shades: “Happy Glow”, “Love Glow”, “Dream Glow” and “Seduce Glow”.

The product launches today. The palette is only going to be available for 24 hours – so get your credit cards ready. Considering that the previous instant eye palette sold out, we recommend getting in there as quickly as possible.

If you don’t manage to get in there in time, the palette will return in October along with the Christmas range. You’ll be able to get yours via the official Charlotte Tilbury website.