Check It Out: Transferable Stick-On Eye-Shadow From Majic Beauty

The first stick-on eye-shadow is here and people love it.

Some people have a natural gift for eye makeup. Their wings are always the same size and their colors blend perfectly for a gorgeous smokey look. Unfortunately, not everyone has the natural flare (or the time for that matter) to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

This inspired the creation of a new stick-on eye-shadow which means you can literally stick on a perfect smokey eye. Majic Beauty’s eyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow is transferable with one swipe and we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results.

“I love these. I can’t do eyeshadow, in fact, I can’t do makeup. These were so easy to use with fantastic results. So much so, I need them to design a full face makeup mask. I’d highly recommend,” one reviewer commented.

Another wrote: “Great product. I’m a makeup artist and would recommend for everyone from beginners to pro in makeup. Very easy and fun to apply on.”