Check Out These 2020 Craft Trends

Sewing your own clothes, making DIY birthday presents, painting wall decorations, crafting home-decor crafts – the possibilities are endless. These crafts are not only great to do on a rainy day, but they also make great hobbies. If you’re looking for some new craft inspiration, these will be the biggest trends of 2020.

Art Therapy Activities

Who doesn’t love adult coloring books? They’re so much fun while being therapeutic. Now, paint-by-numbers have become super trendy and we’re not just talking about those basic ones you did in elementary school. The adult versions are complex enough to hang on your wall after you finish. You can even download coloring pages online.

Stained Glass Crafts

Add some color to any room with stained glass crafts. These crafts are even available in mosaic kits which have everything you need to complete your project. When you’re done, you can give these as a gift.

Eco-Friendly Crafts

It seems like everything these days is becoming more sustainable and crafts is no exception. Try upcycling items from the thrift stores, recycling materials, and using natural dyes.