Chiara Ferragni and Lancôme Team Up for First Makeup Collection

Chiara Ferragni drew the attention of several major brands after becoming one of the most recognizable fashion bloggers in the world, and Lancôme is the next one in line. The Italian influencer joined forces with the French cosmetics giant, and their collaboration resulted in her first makeup collection.

Chiara Ferragni x Lancôme line is coming to the US on June 13th, and it’s pretty much impossible to miss. Like the rest of the products she designed in the past, this collection also features her signature winking eye logo.

You’ll be instantly drawn to it thanks to shiny pink packaging, and the list of products you can chose from includes eye shadow palettes, mascaras and a range of lipsticks in several different shades.

The Blonde Salad founder said she joined forces with Lancôme because she wanted to create a collection that is true to her style and relevant to the girls of her generation.

“Flirty, inspiring and fun are the three key words of this empowering project. I deeply believe that makeup is a huge weapon to feel better with yourself, to face your everyday challenges and to achieve your goals,” explained Chiara Ferragni in a press release.