“Chocolate Cake Hair” is the Most Delicious Shade Of Brunette

“Chocolate Cake Hair” is the delicious brunette shade which is taking off this Spring.

Since Cate Blanchett showed up to the 2019 BAFTAs with her completely transformed blonde gone brunette do, we’ve been thinking about ditching our platinum highlights for something a little more natural.

As it turns out, natural doesn’t have to be boring and there are a whole bunch of ways to add a twist to brunette hair to make it truly your own. The latest of these sizzling brunette trends is chocolate cake hair and it looks delicious.

“The highlights are what will really set the color apart from other brunettes,” hair colorist Liz Cook explained to Allure. “Traditional brunette is a more neutral and slightly ashy color. This spring, however, it’s all about vibrancy and richness.”

She also said: “I named it chocolate cake because the highlights almost remind you of the gooey frosting in-between the dark chocolate layers.”