Common Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

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Working out is a great way to stay fit. But, there are several exercises that are basic and lots of people tend to make mistakes. Check out how to achieve the proper posture below.


Squats are possibly the best exercises for a good bum. They come in many shapes and forms, but if you know the basic one, you’ll nail them all. Make sure that your heels are pressed to the floor and the bottom is moving to the back. You should not be leaning forward, instead the back should be flat.


The body posture for push-ups is extremely important. This means that you have to touch the ground only with the balls of your feet, have a straight back and your elbows should be tucked.

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Biceps Curls

To do the perfect biceps curls you should be standing in a straight position with the palms and weights facing forward. The elbows have to be tucked, and you should only curl the lower part of your arms below the elbow.


Planks are exercises that benefit the whole body. Make sure you have them figured out before doing them. Feet should be hip-width apart and arms as wide as the shoulders. The butt, back and the back of the head should form a straight line.